Biblical Communication


Biblical Communication is a two-semester course designed to give students exposure to and experience with speaking in public – both in small groups and to larger audiences. This class will emphasize important elements of public speaking, the developing an understanding of different types of speeches and speaking formats, experience delivering speeches to an audience, as well as critical elements of interpersonal communication. The class will be a mix of lecture and practical application, as well as speech presentation and in-depth evaluation. A biblical approach to these topics will be emphasized when appropriate.

Course description

This first semester course will focus on public speaking background information, speech types, audience assessment, and speech delivery techniques.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

There are no Prerequisites or Corequisites for this course.

Course Credit

Two (2) semester hours


As a result of participating in THL 150A, students should be able to:

1. Choose suitable topics for public speaking;

2. Understand the impact of poor grammar, diction, regional colloquialisms, slang, and jargon on public speaking;

3. Develop confidence in public speaking;

4. Recognize the importance of understanding the audience when preparing and delivering public speeches;

5. Differentiate between speech delivery methods designed for different audiences;

6. Organize, develop, and support a chosen topic with appropriate sources;

7. Deliver a speech within a specified amount of time;

8. Be able to effectively assess one’s own and others’ speech delivery and effectiveness;



Get to know your audience
Basic Speech Development
Icebreaker Speech A
Icebreaker Speech B
Learn to Listen and Analyze Your Audience
NO CLASS – Follows Feast of Trumpets
Speech 2A
Speech 2B
Outlining, Editing and Using Language
Speech 3 – ALL
NO CLASS – Field Trip
Using Presentation Aids
Speech 4 – ALL
Dress for Success
Speech 5 – ALL


Class Participation
Speech 1
Speech 2
Speech 3
Speech 4
Speech 5
Persuasion Lecture
Ethics Lecture
Listening Lecture
Interpersonal Communication
The Impromptu