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Weekly Update 1/3/2020

Men’s Training Camp—Southwest USA From February 14–16, we will have our first Men’s Training Camp for the Southwest area. The location will be the Desert Outdoor Center at Lake Pleasant, on the northern outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona. This is a beautiful facility, situated in the Arizona desert and overlooking an inviting lake. The Men’s Training […]

Forum and Assembly

Fall 2019 Schedule Thursday Assembly Date Speaker Topic Aug 22 W.Smith The 9 C’s of Editorial Aug 29 No Assembly Sept 5 D.Wakefield God’s Family Business Sept 12 G.Weston A Meaningful Life Sept 19 R.Ames Protocol Sept 26 D.Winnail The War Against God Oct 3 Cancelled Oct 9-23 NO ASSEMBLY Fall Festival Break Oct 24 […]

Biblical Communication

OVERVIEW Biblical Communication is a two-semester course designed to give students exposure to and experience with speaking in public – both in small groups and to larger audiences. This class will emphasize important elements of public speaking, the developing an understanding of different types of speeches and speaking formats, experience delivering speeches to an audience, […]

Principles of Christian Living

OVERVIEW Christian Living is a survey course that reviews foundational principles essential to the Christian’s life. In this course students will delve into and review key truths that are critical to their faith. The reality of God’s existence and the validity of the Holy Scriptures are the starting point for the semester. Goal setting and […]

Sea of Galilee

KEY FEATURES The Sea of Galilee is also called the Sea of Tiberias or Lake of Gennesaret. It was commonly known in the Old Testament as the Sea of Kinnereth. Nearly 700 feet below sea level, “the lake” is the largest freshwater bank in the region. Geographically, the sea is 8 miles wide and about […]

Sabbath Day’s Journey

From Acts of the Apostles: The Church Begins (Unit 1) – Learn More jur’-ni (sabbatou hodos): Used only in Acts 1:12, where it designates the distance from Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives, to which Jesus led His disciples on the day of His ascension. The expression comes from rabbinical usage to indicate the distance […]

Introduction to Biblical Doctrine

Overview This course will present an overview of many of the basic doctrines taught by the Living Church of God. Through review of past and present Church literature, this course will aim to give students a broad basic understanding of what the Church believes, and why it believes as it does. Upon completion of the […]