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Student Thoughts: Unit 4 – Lessons of Peter’s Denial

Here are a few comments from students answering the “Student Thoughts” question from Unit 4, Lesson 3: Why did Peter deny Christ (Luke 22:54-62)? What can we do in our own lives to make sure we do not deny Him (Matthew 10:32-33)? ________________________________________________________________________________________ “Why did Peter deny Christ?  Here is a man who exhibits great boldness.  […]

Assembly Notes: The Immensity of Small Things

By Thomas White, Student at Living Ed – Charlotte “We all understand that God is preparing us for big things, for being kings and priests…things we are doing today that may seem mundane may make all the difference in the future, in our future, in our destiny.” ~ Mr. Rod McNair You know that nightmare […]

Assembly Notes: What News is “Good News”?

By Thomas White, Student at Living Ed – Charlotte “We do have a biblical mandate to develop wisdom, to develop understanding, to develop discretion, knowledge. …we should be watching, learning from what happens around us.” ~ Mr. Jonathan McNair The concept of “News” has been around almost as long as humanity itself. Things have always […]

Assembly Notes: Working Effectively and Efficiently

By Thomas White, Student at Living Education-Charlotte “You know, God gives us a certain amount of time. … We all know that it’s a resource that, once it’s gone, you can’t get back.” ~ Mr. DeSimone Students everywhere will tell you that there always seems to be just slightly too much to get done, and […]