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Course Spotlight: Proselyte

Do you know what the word “Proselyte” means? Take a quick look at the definition, and a peek into our course on the Apostolic Tour if you haven’t already! COURSE SPOTLIGHT FROM ACTS OF THE APOSTLES: (UNIT 2) APOSTOLIC TOUR

Course Spotlight: Burial Box of James the Brother of Jesus

Did you know there was a discovery of a burial box that James the brother of Jesus Christ may have been buried in? In the fall of 2002 this discovery incited much scholarly debate over it’s inscription’s authenticity, which stated, “James the son of Joseph the brother of Jesus.”  Course Spotlight From The General Epistles: (Part […]

Course Spotlight: Healing

The subject of divine healing is a greatly neglected part of most people’s Christianity. It is rarely even discussed in “mainstream” churches. Why? The primary reason for this neglect is that a very real Satan the Devil has blinded the vast majority of humanity—including most professing Christians! Course Spotlight From The Life, Ministry, and Teachings of […]

Course Spotlight: The Resurrection – Lecture 5

This lesson focuses on the amazing account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the events that unfolded that day. Watch the lecture by Dr. Roderick C. Meredith covering the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Course Spotlight From The Life, Ministry, and Teachings of Jesus Christ: (Unit 4) Passover to the Resurrection

Course Spotlight: “Foot Washing”, by Dexter Wakefield

When we perform the foot washing ceremony, there are two things that we need to be very aware of as we perform them. We wash, and we are washed. And both have important meanings—so important, in fact, that God has us act out these meanings as a constant, annual reminder. Course Spotlight From God’s Feast Days: […]

Course Spotlight: Two Types of Bread

There are two types of bread, leavened and those that are not. What can we learn from looking into these two different types? Take a look at the words used for these types in the Bible and consider learning more about the use of “bread” in the Bible by studying the articles linked. COURSE SPOTLIGHT […]

Course Spotlight: Peter’s Vision

Peter had a vision that many have taken as a revelation that unclean meats could now be eaten. Is this really what the Bible is talking about in Acts 10:1-16? And how often do those confused on this topic read the rest of the chapter? Find out more about what Peter’s Vision was all about […]